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5 Reasons You Should Consider Buying a Home in Walnut, CA

Are you looking to relocate to Walnut, CA? Home buying is one of the most crucial steps you can make.

Besides the fact that this process requires a good knowledge of current real estate realities, it also involves having a good eye for what’s on the market.

In this post, you’ll discover five reasons why you should buy a home in Walnut, CA. From the low crime rates to the friendly communities, Walnut, California offers the right atmosphere for you to work and relax with your family.

Top Reasons to Buy a Home in Walnut, CA

In the entire Los Angeles Area, Walnut, CA ranks as the 36th best suburb for relocating and raising a family. With a population of a little over 30,000 people, you get to interact with different communities and love the beauty of diversity.

Below are additional reasons you should think about home buying in Walnut:

Home Prices that Suit Your Budget

Usually, when relocating to a new location, people wonder about the affordability of their new homes. While some consider Walnut to be a small suburban with pricey houses, it’s a fact that you can always find a home that fits your budget.

Most of the single family houses range between $500,000 and $2,000,000. You’re also free to consider mobile homes (within $70,000-$150,000), multi-family houses, and condos.

Irrespective of what your home preference is, the best part is that you can always find something that suits your home needs. Achieving your real estate goals is the most important thing when relocating or buying a house.

Hence, ensure that you indicate your home specifications when searching for a house. Add the number of beds, baths, and the square feet that represent your dream home.

Friendly Communities

Hundreds of individuals and families continually attest to the peace and serenity of the Walnut communities. Neighbors are friendly and nice, and the driveway is close and free.

Equally, you can easily integrate with the different cultures that you meet and get help with settling into your new residence. Additionally, since the city is often quiet and hardly rowdy, you can expect to get quick responses from the fire department during emergencies.


Another top reason to contemplate home buying in Walnut, CA is the low crime rate. Unlike major cities which are prone to criminal activities, gun violence, and burglary, Walnut is safe.

Considering the fact that relocating comes with a lot of mixed feelings especially in terms of safety and quietness, you never have to worry about being assaulted in Walnut. It’s true that 78.3% of all residents drive to work alone and there are hardly cases of attacks or accidents.

Proximity to Schools

High-quality education is a defining mark in Walnut. Little wonder why you get access to the best elementary, middle, junior, and high schools.

Walnut High School and Mount San Antonio College are two great educational systems in this area of California.

Also, if your children have always dreamed about the CalPoly Pomona, they’d be closer to it than ever.

Variety of Leisure Parks

Life is incomplete without relaxation. In Walnut, real estate allows you access excellent restaurants such as Chich-fil-A and Chipotle, parks such as Suzanne Park, and hiking trails.

The Bottom Line

Home buying in Walnut, CA or anywhere else is generally a big financial and real estate decision. And you need all the help you can get in making the best choices for you and your family.

You never have to do it all alone. At Go Getter Homes, we provide relocation information including maps on neighborhoods and home prices.

Contact us to make your home buying experience rewarding and hitch-free. Call (909) 569-8363 now!