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5 Benefits of Listing Your Home Exclusively

Are you planning to sell your home or property? Listing exclusively is a valuable way to reduce stress, get value, and speed up sale.

In this post, we consider the benefits of listing exclusively since this form of listing agreement isn’t always the number one choice for most home sellers.

Many sellers prefer to trust their homes with multiple agents/agencies in order to have several people working on their project simultaneously.

However, you’ll learn the advantages of exclusive listing and why working with a single agent is the best way to go.

So without much ado, let’s get started.

Why Listing Exclusively is the Best Way to Sell

Every home seller aims to get the best deal for their home, and within the shortest time possible. Thus, many people choose multiple listings so that several brokers can work on getting their property sold faster.

For some others, open listing seems like the best way to cut costs and reduce how much commissions they’ll pay.

However, while both listing options seem common, the best of all remains the exclusive listing. Listing exclusively generally involves hiring a single agent to get your home sold. When you choose to work with an exclusive professional, you pay more, perhaps for a variety of advertising options.

Nonetheless, you are open to the following advantages:

1.     Commitment

Choosing an exclusive agent to list your home or property allows you to share your goals. The agent is bound to consider your sale as a priority and he’d go the extra mile to line up your deal.

Usually, committed agents have ready buyers for your homes. Rather than allow you go through the process of offers, counter offers, and no final sale, an exclusive agent goes in deep and chases only the best prices.

In the long run, such commitment is a win-win for both the agent and the home seller.

2.     Reduced Stress

Unlike open listing where sellers are solely responsible for selling their homes, listing exclusively puts the “burden” on someone else. Trusting a professional exclusive real estate agent with your property reduced the stress involved in home selling.

Your agent becomes largely responsible for the sale, from finding a buyer to closing the deal. Since he knows your property price, it’s easier for him to represent you and bring you results in little to no time.

3.     Quicker Sale

The best part of listing exclusively is that you record quicker sale. When a single agent lists a property on the market, he alone has accurate information, and there’s hardly any room for confusion.

Without dissonance, finding a qualified and ready buyer becomes extremely easy.

4.     Accountability

As with all time-bound performance based contract, exclusive listing is hinged on accountability. When many agents try to sell a property, they seem to sometimes distort the home information to suit their goals.

But with an exclusive agent, you have a reliable public face for your property sale within the contract period. He is accountable to you as well as himself, since he treats your property as his.

5.     Flexible Contracts

With exclusive listing, you can insist on a flexible contract that lasts 30-60 days. This way, you get to assess the agent’s performance and renew/cancel the contract depending on your satisfaction level.

The Bottom Line

These five advantages of listing exclusively come at a higher price, but it’s definitely worth it.

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